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In , she told W Magazine that her breast implants are her biggest regret in cosmetic surgery. Anderson had her implants removed in “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m very happy with my decision,” she told the Chicago Tribune at the time. Nov 07,  · She's pretty petite, and started with a good C cup, so I highly doubt she has more than cc's, and I would guess more like I think mine are similar in size, except mine are HP' projeciton, less width, and I started w/ less than her, and I "only" have cc's.

Sep 29,  · Answer: CC's Needed to Go from 36C to a Chest As Big As Pamela Anderson. All the previous posters are correct in their advise. I will give you an answer realizing you did not post photos. I would consider to cc's. This is just to answer your question. 1 person found this helpful. Apr 17,  · A pared-down Pam Anderson says when doctors removed her breast implants last week they found a leak in one of them. “There were no medical problems. There was no reason why I took them out. There Author: Rita Delfiner.

Aug 26,  · In an interview with W Magazine, Pamela Anderson opened up about breast implants, the process of aging and her early life in the limelight. Feb 08,  · A plastic surgeon removed Anderson's silicone breast implants and reduced her bra size a full cup from 34D to 34C. The reaction that followed was varied. Ripley's Believe It .

Pamela Anderson Breast Implant. Pamela’s recent appearance shows how big her boobs are, and you will think that her breast can suddenly explode because no human can naturally get those big boobs without some aid from plastic surgery. Therefore, many people agree that Pamela Anderson has done breast implants in order to reshape her boobs and make it bigger, fuller, and rounder. © Chantelle Thompson InstagramChantelle had breast implants after being inspired by the likes of Katie Price and Pamela Anderson Joe, 31, has twice beaten cancer after being diagnosed with Hodgkin.