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UPDATE, PM: One day after having his contract not renewed by Fox News Channel, Dick Morris says it was his bad political judgment that got him canned. "I . Over the past year, Morris' NSCW involvement has included several plugs for the events during seemingly non-related appearances on Fox News, including spots on Hannity and On The Record With Greta.

On April 20, referencing Morris' appearance on Hannity, Rush Limbaugh said “Dick Morris told Sean Hannity that Bill Clinton may want to reflect on . What do you guys and gals think about that? IMO, should fire Dick Morris. He is not made for radio and I don't agree with everything he says. For this and other reasons, Sean Hannity should be back on from Monday-Friday IMO. I'm .

Dick Morris Democracy. On the show, Dick breaks down top political news, bringing a keen perspective to make our democracy stronger and better. The first episode will air on Newsmax TV on Saturday and Sunday, February 6th & 7th at PM ET, and the topic will be: How To Assure Honest Elections. In , Morris launched a weekly half-hour show on Newsmax TV, Dick Morris Democracy. DVD. Morris has appeared in, and wrote the screenplay for, the documentary film FahrenHYPE 9/ The film was a response to Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 9/ Tax issues. Morris failed to pay a variety of state and federal taxes beginning in

The latest tweets from @SeanHannity. By Dick Morris on October 17, Dear Friend, Please join me tonight for a post-debate analysis with Sean Hannity at p.m. on the “HANNITY” show on Fox News!

By Dick Morris on March 31, As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If America had truly learned from the history of the Reagan years on the one hand, and the background of its putative president Barack Obama on the other, Sean Hannity would not have had to write his new book. On the March 24 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Dick Morris falsely claimed that Sen. Hillary Clinton “says Chelsea [Clinton] was .