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women writing erotica for wom en - Erotica X COUPLEs PORN: A Lesson In Love

Enter: erotica — a.k.a art and literature designed specifically to turn women on. It comes in many forms (movies, poems, podcasts) and this is some of the best out there. Women writers come to the world of erotica for different reasons: some as a business opportunity, some to safely explore sexual fantasies they can’t share in .

Most readers prefer erotica shown from the female perspective unless the work is written specifically for readers of M/M (man on man). If you have an idea for a heterosexual erotic story with the hero taking full lead, consider ways you might revise it to focus more on the female’s . No erotic novel list would be complete without the OG sexy text. Despite being published in , Lawrence was incredibly ahead of his time when it came to writing about sex.

The love-child of porn and Audible, Dipsea (available now on iOS) is an audio erotica app that houses the same sexy scenes as written porn—but it allows you to enjoy the storyline hands-free so you can score some two-handed solo fun. To get started writing high-quality erotica, do the following: Find and read high-quality, best-selling erotica. Participate in groups for erotica writers and readers to learn from them. Practice writing for yourself (share it only if you want to).