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Critical thinking skills are beneficial to both young and old students. They help both in and outside of the classroom. While young students can often approach the learning of critical thinking in a more theoretical manner, many adult students appreciate a more hands-on and realistic approach to learning critical thinking skills. Adult learning, critical thinking, and decision-making are fields that receive attention individually, although they are interspersed with elements of each other's theories and philosophies. In addressing adult learning precepts, it is essential to include critical thinking and by:

Dec 02,  · While critical thinking has been intimately associated with adult education, there is not always a consensus as to its meaning and how to develop it in adult learners. After analysing the concept of critical thinking, a model is suggested consisting of five phases, which attempts to incorporate aspects of problem solving and creative by: Adult learning is a unique process that requires supporting processes to make it successful. Two of the processes that co-exist with adult learning are critical thinking and decision-making. The ultimate goal of adult learning is to make the educational experience as valuable to the learner as possible and to create a desire to expand the Size: 29KB.