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May 26,  · The first week on 27mg of Concerta was quite awesome, the second on the same dose quite zombie-ish, the third one (beginning of 54mg dosage) has me very nervous and jittery. Many women I know have lost quite a bit of weight on Concerta, around 30 pounds. But my now 11 year old son, last year, gained 30 pounds with the same med and lost Apr 03,  · Will Concerta also cause weight gain, despite that it says it causes weight loss?Weight gain was not listed as aside effect for the Modavigil. Answer this question. Answers (1) SC. Scruly 3 Apr I have been taking Concerta ER 72 MG daily for almost 2 years now. I have always been slightly overweight since my 20's.

Feb 08,  · weight gain after stopping concerta Concerta causing weight gain? Concerta 54mg & Remeron Help suicial ADHD 8yo son on ADDERALL Concerta lost weight metadate loosing weight adderall vs concerta for adult add Strattera vs. Concerta ADHA Just switched to Concerta 54 mg once a day Ritalin vc Concerta in children natural treatment for ADHD Weight. Weight increased is found among people who take Concerta, especially for people who are male, old, have been taking the drug for 2 - 5 years. The study is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 15, people who have side effects when taking Concerta from the FDA, and is updated regularly.

Sep 14,  · Weight gain isn’t a side effect of Concerta, and it wasn’t seen in clinical trials of the drug. Actually, Concerta can decrease your appetite, which may cause weight loss in some people. Concerta and weight gain in adults. Common Questions and Answers about Concerta and weight gain in adults. concerta. My daughter is on Concerta 36 mg and Zoloft 20 mg for her ADHD and Anxiety. Has anyone had drastic weight gainon these meds or a .