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The Christy Award® was established in to acknowledge the value and impact of the novel of faith in contemporary culture. Since that time, the Christys have been a focal point for the writers and publishers in our community, symbolizing the best aspirations and accomplishments of writers who write from a perspective of faith and who create stories with matters of belief at their core. Jan 22,  · Sci-Fi/Fantasy Christian Fiction is not often heard of or well advertised in the book community. It is one of those rare but interesting sub-genres. Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction have Christian elements woven into imaginative and futuristic storylines. It is one sub-genre that I need to read more of! I think it's also one of those more fun.

Our list of recommended Christian fiction books includes selections from bestselling authors and up-and-coming writers with stories full of elements like romance, suspense, history, current events, faith, and forgiveness. So pick up some compelling stories that can inspire your own faith journey! 1. The Mockingbird's Song by Wanda E. Brunstetter. Christian Fiction Series. Christian fictional numbered author series books share a common setting, story, characters, timeline or other common traits.

Feb 16,  · Whether you are a new believer or gave your heart to Christ many years ago, Christian fiction will help bolster your faith and open your eyes to God’s love in new ways. As an avid reader and, myself, a Christian author, I am sharing my all-time favorite Christian fiction books with you.