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Cushing's disease is rare, affecting 10 to 15 people per million each year, most commonly adults between 20 and 50 years of age. Women account for more than 70 percent of cases. Most patients with Cushing's disease have small tumors (pituitary microadenomas). For many adults with Cushing disease (the term used for Cushing syndrome caused by a pituitary adenoma), surgical removal of the tumor is successful. In rare cases, some of the tumor cells are left and the adenoma can grow back. 1.

Cushing’s syndrome most often affects adults, usually aged 30 to 50, 1 but can also occur in children. Cushing’s syndrome affects about three times as many women as men. 2 In people who have type 2 diabetes and blood glucose levels that stay too high over time, along with high blood pressure, Cushing’s syndrome may be the cause. Cushing’s disease is caused by a pituitary tumor that releases too much of a hormone called adrenocorticotropin, which stimulates the adrenal gland to produce an excessive amount of cortisol. The.

While Cushing’s is relatively rare, the signs and symptoms are common to many other diseases. For instance, females with excess hair growth, irregular or absent periods, decreased fertility, and high glucose levels could have polycystic ovarian syndrome, a disease that affects many more women than Cushing’s. May 13,  · If Cushing’s syndrome is caused by the pituitary gland overproducing ACTH which in turn becomes cortisol, it’s called Cushing’s disease. As with Cushing’s syndrome, Cushing’s disease affects more.