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benefits of company adult softball league - KDA Akali from League of Legends Collection 2019

Teams who participated in the Spring Adult Softball leagues will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and will have priority over new teams through the March 8, , deadline. Teams will be confirmed as registered by receiving their team entry receipt in the mail. Feb 14,  · The recreation allows you a way to improve your health and fitness, and the competition gives you a chance to bond and build trust with the people you spend 40 hours a week with [source: Schafer ]. It can also offer a welcome way to unwind from a high-pressure job [source: Hooper ].Author: Jennifer Sellers.

You will improve morale among your staff and that will decrease turnover. Since turnover costs your company money, that makes a corporate softball team a good investment. A corporate softball team can become a focal point of your company's culture and that would have nothing but positive effects on your organization. But the sport is considered one of the safest sports to participate in. Why You Should Join an Adult Softball League. The perks of joining a team are endless. First, there are the obvious reasons. Like any other sport, softball players generally have less stress and feel better about themselves than those that don’t. Second, it’s easy to jump in.

Dust off your glove and play in Birmingham’s largest provider of softball leagues! We run adult softball leagues all around the Birmingham area. Birmingham Sport and Social Club Softball leagues are a great way to get outside and enjoy good times with good friends or meet new people all while staying active. For many new players just wanting to get into fastpitch softball, the place to start is getting involved in a local fastpitch softball league. Most major cities have fastpitch softball leagues, some even have both, mens and womens. Many local teams are looking for new players who have above average skills and some knowlege of the game of.

Bobby McGuigan, the league's coordinator, believes the corporate softball league is a successful tool in improving camaraderie at local workplaces. "It's great because it gives people a chance to hang out in an atmosphere outside of work," he says. League participants seem to agree. Whether you play the fastest of fastpitch or the slowest slow pitch, the game of softball has plenty of benefits. Physical Activity. The first of many benefits that you won’t notice is that it allows players an opportunity to be active. Softball players get .