kitty jung asian fever - adult with fever of 103.7


adult with fever of 103.7 - kitty jung asian fever

Oct 07,  · Adults with a fever higher than degrees F or a fever over degrees F that rises or lasts longer than 48 hours In addition, you should seek medical care if you have a fever accompanied by rash and bruising, difficulty breathing, and/or pain while Urgent Care. Dec 11,  · The presence of a fever usually indicates that some sort of illness is attacking the body. points out that unless the temperature reaches or exceeds degrees Fahrenheit it is not dangerous. When a person has a temperature this .

Jul 27,  · One degree above 99 degrees F is considered a fever in an adult. Oct 07,  · A fever is defined as a body temperature above °F (38°C). A normal oral temperature for a resting, healthy adult is about °F (37°C).