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The Delron AIF Games List What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to open these files. To play these games you will need a runner which can be downloaded from here. This table has clickable headers that sort the table by the clicked column. TADS 2. Jump to: Downloads - Documentation - Games - Latest updates - License information TADS 2 is the older generation of TADS, but it's still very much alive. TADS 2 is a software development environment specially designed for creating Interactive Fiction.

Text Adventure Development System (TADS) is an authoring system for creating works of Interactive Fiction. 1 Overview TADS 2 TADS 3 2 Developing TADS 2 Libraries TADS3 Libraries 3 See Also TADS games are written in a custom programming language, which is then compiled into platform independent binaries. To play a TADS game, you need an . Other TADS packages Show full list IF Archive note: Many of the packages below are also available at the IF Archive, although the Archive's versions .

The first published TADS game is an old-school text adventure that's full of tricky puzzles and truly nefarious mazes, with just a veneer of plot to explain the bizarre situations. Puzzle fiends and fans of the early text games will enjoy the intricate but always logical obstacles. Ditch Day Drifter Collegiate. rating:low-high lists games with average ratings in the given range (inclusive). For example, rating lists games rated from 2½ to 3½ stars. Leave out an endpoint for an open-ended search: ratinglists games with ratings 3 stars and above; rating: 2 lists games rated 2 stars and below. #ratings:low-high lists games with a total number of ratings in the given range.

TADS compiles games to a byte-code format that's portable to any platform with a TADS interpreter. It doesn't matter what operating system you use as an author; once compiled, the byte-code file will run on any system with an interpreter. Most desktop operating systems are supported. Full multimedia interpreter are available for Windows, Mac OS.