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Also, many of our kids/teens/adults exhibit behaviors that are not dangerous, but when misunderstood, are seen as peculiar and threatening by others who are not familiar with disabilities. As the statistics stand right now, over half of all people killed by police have a disability of some kind. And it’s not just shootings and mental illness. May 21,  · My husband and I think our eldest son, aged 22, is suffering from clinical depression. He refuses to seek help or speak to a professional about how .

Feb 20,  · In my view, even if a parent feels he or she did not do anything sufficiently wrong to deserve estrangement, the fact is, the adult child has made this decision, right or wrong, and it is the adult child's life that must be lived, and it is definitely not the parent's life to Kim Bryan. Sep 08,  · The peculiar grief of the adult orphan. September 8, — am His son Kevin was thus 74 when he finally became an orphan. Brooks says adult children often do .

May 13,  · We’ve all heard of child-like adults, adults who have the heart and spirit of children. Gifted kids are the opposite; they are adult-like children who often seem to think and act like adults. More importantly, they sometimes feel like adults. This feeling can lead to frustration for both the gifted child and the adults around them.