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Sep 08,  · But really, a fear of the dark has no age, and this is especially the case if the phobia was never treated as a kiddo, says Terri Bacow, PhD, a clinical psychologist . Nyctophobia is an age-inappropriate fear of darkness that can prompt someone to limit their activities, avoid certain circumstances, and experience anxiety in anticipation of there being no light. It is when the concern crosses over from being an inborn protective mechanism to being a clinical issue that it is designated a phobia.

Sep 29,  · Nyctophobia is an extreme fear of night or darkness that can cause intense symptoms of anxiety and depression. A fear becomes a phobia when it’s Author: Ashley Marcin. According to clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph.D., author of Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life, fear of the dark is “very common” among adults. “It is estimated that 11 percent of the U.S.

Some adults with sleep disturbances are actually afraid of the dark, study says. EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE: a.m. EDT, June 11, CONTACT: Thomas Heffron, , ext. , [email protected] DARIEN, IL – A small study of Toronto college students is shedding light on a contributing factor of insomnia that might be hard to admit – an adult fear of the dark. Oct 20,  · The term ‘achluophobia’ is the formal name of a fear of darkness, whereas ‘nyctophobia’ relates to a sudden, extreme fear of the dark in adults. As Price told us: “Nyctophobia is an irrational fear of the dark. Being fearful of the dark is common among young children, so wouldn’t normally be described as a Joy Richards.