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adult diploma - Adult theatre in London West End

The Adult Diploma Program provides job training and a new pathway for adults, ages 22 or older, to earn a high school diploma AND industry credentials aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs. Feb 19,  · The Whitmore School Adult Diploma Program. Whitmore School is the world’s first online high school. It is based in Morgantown, WV. Also, they have a license from AdvancED. Furthermore, .

Adult Education Classes, Online Adult Education Classes. Most adults who drop out of high school think the only route to graduation is a GED. National High School provides adults affordable options to earn the high school diploma. Remember, there is no magic to earning an accredited .

An adult diploma, also known as an adult high school diploma, is awarded to students who complete the classes they did not take while in high school. For students who only had a few credits to go .